Out in June 2015: THE compendium about 60 years of Eurovision!

11082336_873693186024963_9095383910509776207_oVienna / Frankfurt / Geneva. Mario R. Lackner (the guy on the left, presenting his book Conchita Wurst – backstage to a fan) loves the Eurovision-inspired blog aufrechtgehn.de of Oliver Rau. Mario loves Eurovision anyway, following the show annually since 1989 and as a talented author he had the idea of putting all his feelings and thoughts about Europe’s favourite TV-programme into a jubilee book. But how to write in such a short time accurately about six decades of pop history? Oliver Rau was the answer: His blog includes reports about all Eurovision Song Contests from 1956 to 2014!

60 Anne Marie David & Mave O'Rick (c) Frédéric Vigne

Mave O’Rick & Anne Marie David (photo credits: Frédéric Vigne)

So Mario asked Oliver if he wants to take on the challenge and now the two euromaniacs write an almost 500 pages book in German called #60JAHREsongcontest – check twitter and facebook for that hashtag and find out about some interview partners, stars like Anne Marie David (here on a picture with our interviewer Mave O’Rick).

Curious? You want to know more about #60JAHREsongcontest and you want to get sure your favourite ESC star is featured like Anne Marie David, Nicole, Roman Lob, Lys Assia, people of Conchita Wurst’s and Marija Šerifovic’s winning team? Write our creative company who shall be interviewed or if you would like to be yourself an interview partner!


(Traumsieberei OG is the creative company managing the book project) Thank you for your support and best wishes! 12 points to you!


Song Contest Consulting Update

Traumsieberei OG – one of the few professional song contest consulting studios worldwide – is sharing with you the 3 S for success formula, especially designed for pop music competitions:




With know-how and good intution for Eurovision the competition is not a unpredictable, uncalculable game. Some participating broadcasting corporations knew exactly what they did in 2012/2013 when hiring Swedish pop producers to develop familiar sounding, but (compared to other entries) strong songs. By no surprise Azerbaijan’s „Hold Me“ was the runner-up, Norway 4th and Russia 5th at the ESC live from Malmö. Have a look who composed/arranged the melodies and who wrote the lyrics. Some even found perfectly suiting acts to transport straight to the point the energy of their song – think of the victorious Emmelie de Forest, 3rd placed Zlata Ognevich or Festival di San Remo winner Marco Mengoni:

The show is Read More