3 S for Success at the Eurovision Song Contest

After publishing the biggest book to date about the Eurovision Song Contest, more and more journalists start to ask me how to design a successful ESC entry. First of all you need somebody in the core team at the TV station who has intuition for Eurovision (Germany’s NDR had such a guy: Stefan Raab). Best would be to have not only one, but two or three persons of that kind who are involved in the entire selection process. It is possible to turn a nation into a more successful one!
And what do we have to do? To search for the 3 S for success:
A composition that is (amongst other things) instantly pleasing to the ear, is superficially not too complex / surprising and is embedded in an arrangement full of zeitgeist.
A performing artist who is not only singing a song, s/he has to embody it.
An outer packing that transports song and singer adequately.
It’s that „simple“. We are here to support interested TV stations: Song Contest Consulting of the creative company Traumsieberei. 12 points to all of you, Mario Lackner


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