Consulting, 12 points!

Autorengemälde Mario R. Lackner

Mario Lackner, division manager of Song Contest Consulting

Recommending Anne Marie David’s comeback for Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2016 was not the first mission for the Song Contest Consulting division of the creative company Traumsieberei.

After fortelling the victories of Secret Garden, Eimear Quinn and Katrina & The Waves 1995-1997 our division manager Mario Lackner continued to follow Europe’s big TV peace project closely. After EBU’s announcement to add a semi-final starting with 2004  he suggested to shorten the voting procedure. The idea was adopted in 2006.

In 2000, ’04, ’05, ’08 and 2010 Mario covered the ESC on-site as a journalist and started our project in 2011 as Fire for Eurovision. The first client was Sankil Jones, for whom we created the song concept of Fire! which was a hot candidate for Armenia’s entry for the ESC 2012.

After 2012 Song Contest Consulting did lobbying for Leo Aberer and Esteban’s while Mario Lackner joined forces with his co-authors Irving Wolther and Oliver Rau to write the ground-breaking books Conchita Wurst – backstage (2014) respectively „Friede, Freude, Quotenbringer #60SongContest(2015).

Nobody else has gained such insight and intuition for Eurovision – artists, labels and TV stations are welcome to use our know-how to tie competitive 3S packages for the biggest show worldwide!

Further info in English ¦ Interview with Mario Lackner in German



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