EBU adopting our ideas to reform ESC voting


Julian Nöbauer’s cover draft for Mario Lackner’s upcoming song contest book (2016)

While our chief consultant Mario Lackner is working on another song contest book, splendid news are reaching our headquaters in Vienna and Langau / Central Europe:

Once again the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is adopting our ideas to add excitement to the voting procedure at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). After the announcement of all jury results one by one in the traditional and so much beloved «douze points» style the televoting results will be added in ascending order as explained in the clip below:

The only adoption missing is that Song Contest Consulting also have suggested a Pan-European televote instead of split national ones to underline the uniting basic idea of the ESC, reflected in ESC’s mottoes like Come Together (2016) – Building Bridges (2015) – We Are One (2013) and so on.

Also our first ever idea presented to EBU (only announcing the 8, 10 and 12 points) was not introduced straight forward when we proposed it to back then ESC supervisior Sarah Yuen in 2003/2004, but suddenly it was realized in Athens 2006. We are optimistic that one day the whole package of our vision of an exciting and uniting voting procedure will be delivered to more than 200 million people out there!

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